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Memorial Services to Celebrate Lives Well-Lived in Ogden, UT

Cremation Society of Utah Offers Life Celebration Services

When a loved one dies, it’s important to honor the life that was lived. The choice between a traditional funeral, the celebration of life, or memorial services is up to the family, but having some kind of gathering is vital. When you come together to remember and pay tribute to someone you all loved, you’ll be able to comfort each other and begin to heal. Contact us and we’ll help you plan the perfect tribute.

What Are Memorial Services?

Much like funerals, memorial services are designed to help you remember and honor your loved one. There’s no set time for a memorial service, though, and whether you have an urn present is a matter of personal preference. Memorial services can be held shortly after a death occurs, or they can be held weeks or even months later. The important thing about memorial services is that they create a time and place for family and friends to come together, share memories, pay their respects, and help each other begin to heal.

What Should We Expect from a Memorial Service?

A memorial service can be whatever a family wishes it to be. In some cases, people pre-plan memorial services so that their families can honor them in the way they want to be remembered. A memorial service can be held at our funeral home, the person’s final resting place, or an off-site location, such as your home. Memorial services can be set in the tone of a traditional funeral, or they can be more of a celebration of life.

What’s the Difference Between a Celebration of Life and a Funeral?

traditional funeral is somber and quiet. It’s typically held at a church or a funeral home, with people in their best attire, respectfully listening to eulogies and hymns. A life celebration is a livelier affair, more like a party than a church service, and people might not behave the way they’d be expected to behave at a funeral. The atmosphere is celebratory and joyful because the service is meant to dwell on the person’s life rather than death. There are no hard and fast rules, except that the event should honor the life of the person who has died. Life celebration services sometimes replace funerals, but sometimes they are held as memorial services sometime after the death has occurred.

Where Is a Celebration of Life Held?

The location of a life celebration depends completely on the person who is being honored. This type of service is not typically held in a church or funeral home, though. It might be held at a park, a private home, or a rented venue. The location is usually chosen based on the interests and preferences of the person who has died.

Celebration of Life Ideas

A celebration of life is less formal and traditional than a typical funeral. People might dress up, or they might dress in a way that’s casual and upbeat and reflects the life of the person they’re honoring. If you’re planning a life celebration, there are no rules about what you need to do, but some ideas you might want to consider include:

•  Asking people to speak about their memories of the person being celebrated, including humorous stories.

•  Inviting people to bring photos and mementos to share.

•  Playing a video or slide show of the person having fun throughout his or her life.

•  Making a playlist of music the person being celebrated enjoyed or asking people to play and sing some of that music.

•  Lighting candles, releasing butterflies or finding some other way to show your respect and find a feeling of closure.

•  Celebrate together in a way the person being honored would have appreciated. 

Contact Us for Customized Memorial Services in Ogden, UT

The time surrounding the loss of a loved one can be difficult and emotional. Sometimes, people prefer to wait until a little bit of time has passed before holding a life-honoring service. It’s important though to have some sort of gathering so that all those who loved the person who has died can have the opportunity to grieve together and find peace. Whether you prefer a memorial service that’s traditional and dignified or you’d rather have a joyous life celebration, Cremation Society of Utah can help you plan a memorial service in Ogden, Utah that truly honors the life that was lived. Contact us to learn how we can help create memorial services customized to reflect each individual’s unique and precious life.

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